Journey - A Catholic Bible Study

The Journey Bible Study Program uses this web site for the purpose of assisting you to print all of the Journey lessons in the original PDF version. 

For reading the lessons on a phone or a tablet we have published all of the lessons in the electronic format and these are available for free from all of the major ebook publlishers such as Apple ibooks, Kobo, Inktera,, Chapters, Barnes & Noble,etc. 

In the search option of any of these sites type in either Marcel Gervais(Author) or Guy Lajoie (Publisher) and all the lessons should come up. 

Simply go to your favorite ebook publisher and download the lessons for free. They are available in epub format as well as the PDF format. Many will only give you the epub version. If you want the PDF version it is available on this web site and at

If you have any questions please contact Guy Lajoie at