Journey Lessons(PDF)

There are twenty lessons on the Old Testament and twenty lessons on the New Testament.

Select the lessons you want and click on them and this will download them to your computer.

The links below use the code E for English then 01 for lesson one 02 for lesson two etc.

if you have any trouble downloading any of the lessons contact me at

For the lessons on the New Testament there is a link below from which you will be able to download all the lessons from lesson 21 to lesson 40.

E02_061.pdf — PDF file with cover

E03_069.pdf — PDF file with cover

E04_060.pdf — PDF file with cover

E05_037.pdf — PDF file with cover

E06_062.pdf — PDF File with cover

E07_062.pdf — PDF File with cover

E08_061.pdf — PDF File with cover

E09_097 (1).pdf — PDF File with cover

Link to Lessons 10-20

Link to New Testament Lessons